5 Community Challenges to Become a Legendary Team Principal
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5 Community Challenges to Become a Legendary Team Principal

F1® Manager 2022 gives you the power to write incredible stories in the electrifying world of F1®. Whether you want to cement the legacy of a top team, take a struggling outfit to glory, recruit the next superstar driver, or so much more, our detailed and authentic experience gives you more control in the world of F1® than ever before.

Both in the game and the real sport, every season and every race has an array of narratives waiting to unfold. It’s always fun to think about those ‘What if?’ possibilities, so below, we’ve lined up five stories that you could attempt to create for yourself in F1® Manager 2022. Think you’ve got what it takes to achieve all of these?  

1) Fernando Alonso – El Plan

“I think it’s part of ‘El Plan’ that I don’t know exactly what ‘El Plan’ is.” Those are the words of Fernando Alonso, speaking at the end of last year on Spanish television, about the term that followed him for the entirety of last season. What began as a social media trend quickly spilled into the paddock – and even onto the rear wing of Alonso’s Alpine for the final race at Abu Dhabi. The beauty of ‘El Plan’ is that its exact meaning doesn’t exist – but in F1® Manager 2022, we can think of something it could mean…

What if you could give the Spaniard all the tools he needs to mount another challenge for the Drivers’ World Championship? Alonso has shown on many occasions since his return to F1® that the fighting spirit that took him to two World Championships is still very much there. Can you put him in a position to make it a hat-trick of titles?

Jump into the Team Principal seat at Alpine and see if you can develop that team into a front runner before Alonso calls it a day. Or, take over an established race-winning team, convince the veteran to sign for you – whilst still balancing the books – and push for one more shot at glory. Don’t you love it when a plan comes together?

F1 Manager 2022

2) Aston Martin – Hometown Glory

It may be a renowned name in luxury road cars, and an established winner in other forms of motorsport, but Aston Martin’s story in F1® is still very much in its infancy. A two-year stint in the sport during the 1950s was the manufacturer’s only F1® contribution, until the name and famous British racing green colour joined the grid last season; a rebranding of the Racing Point team.

The team’s headquarters is in Silverstone, a stone’s throw away from the iconic circuit. The same HQ has been used for many teams over the years, including Force India and Jordan, but intriguingly, those teams have never managed to win at their home circuit. Could you be the Team Principal to change that in F1® Manager 2022?

With strong investment and a blend of youth and experience behind the wheel, the Aston Martin Aramco Cognizant F1® Team are primed to push further up the grid. With some smart development and a cool head on race day, you could be the Team Principal to give this legendary British manufacturer, and an iconic factory, its maiden victory at Silverstone.

F1 Manager 2022 screenshot 03

3) Ferrari – The Tifosi Double

A Ferrari win in the manufacturer’s home country of Italy is always a sight to behold. The infamous tifosi, Ferrari’s legion of hardcore fans, yearn to see red on the top of the podium in Italy every year. However, what if you could achieve that feat not once in a season, but twice?

The legendary Italian circuits of both Imola and Monza are always lined with passionate Ferrari fans. Both races are on the 2022 calendar and will feel like home games for the Prancing Horse, so victories there would make for an unforgettable Ferrari campaign.

The team have kicked off this season strongly, so with some sound Team Principal work, it seems realistic to achieve this quickly. Pull this off as the boss at Ferrari, and expect plenty of free drinks in bars all over Italy…

4) Daniel Ricciardo – “I Never Left”

After his sensational victory at Monza in 2021, Daniel Ricciardo said this over team radio: “For anyone who thought I had left, I never left. Just moved aside for a while.”

Clearly, the Australian is done being a part of the supporting cast on the grid. Ricciardo has achieved so much in his F1® career, but a Drivers’ World Championship has remained elusive. As a Team Principal in F1® Manager 2022, could you play a part in changing all of that?

Either taking over McLaren and pushing them towards the front, or running another team and hiring Ricciardo, the opportunity is there to give one of the sport’s most popular figures a shot at the title. We just hope you have experience in drinking champagne out of a sweaty boot.

F1 Manager 2022 screenshot 05

5) Charles and Arthur Leclerc – A Family Affair

In F1® Manager 2022 you’ll be able not only scout and hire drivers from other F1® teams, but also the feeder series, F2™ and F3™, which are producing more young talent than ever before. The current F1® grid is littered with drivers who’ve progressed through this system, including current title challenger Charles Leclerc.

Charles’ younger brother, Arthur, is also making a name for himself in F3™. This creates a fascinating prospect: What if the Leclerc brothers raced in F1® for the same team? No siblings have ever raced together in the same colours; Michael and Ralf Schumacher competed at the same time, but were never teammates. Could you be the Team Principal to make that happen?

The 21 year-old is a member of the Ferrari Driver Academy and a future move there seems likely, but you could take over any team and build a long-term strategy to bring Charles and Arthur on board. It may take hefty finances to acquire Charles, and time for his younger sibling to find his feet in F1® – but it would be worth it to form a unique duo who should have a telepathic understanding on the track. Let’s just hope sibling rivalry doesn’t cause too much tension…

Test yourself with creating these fairy-tale narratives in F1® Manager 2022, the official management game of F1®, launching this summer on PC, PlayStation, and Xbox. Follow the official F1® Manager channels on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, and YouTube for more news!

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