Frontier Formula – Behind The Scenes of F1® Manager 2022

Frontier Formula – Behind The Scenes of F1® Manager 2022

In the final video of our behind-the-scenes series, we show you how the unique world of F1® has been merged with the passion and expertise of the Frontier Developments team to create F1® Manager 2022. Check it out:

Whilst this may be Frontier’s first foray into the world of F1®, we are certainly no strangers to management video games. Authentic simulations, depth and detail in abundance, and challenging players to create strategies for success are all key features in other Frontier franchises, which the team have implemented in F1® Manager 2022.

Whether you’re making on-the-fly strategic calls during a race, keeping an eye on your budget, or developing the skill levels of your employees, the blueprint of many compelling aspects of our official F1® management title can also be seen in other games from Frontier’s legacy.

On top of that gameplay design experience has been a significant dose of F1® fandom, with a team filled with fans of the sport. F1® Manager 2022 is a game made by F1® fans, for F1® fans, using knowledge and insight of the pinnacle of motorsport to push the game’s authenticity to a higher level. Our team also worked closely throughout development with key figures of F1® to deliver an accurate representation of the sport. From working with team engineers, to incorporating insight from commentators, to even speaking with drivers and the Managing Director himself, Ross Brawn, the contributions of key F1® figures ensure F1® Manager 2022 provides the same thrill and challenges as the real thing.

The enthusiasm and acumen of everyone involved, both inside and outside of Frontier, has helped to create a groundbreaking experience. It’s an exciting time for not just the sport of F1®, but its surrounding community – and Frontier and F1® Manager 2022 are thrilled to be a part of it all.

F1® Manager 2022 is available now on PC, Xbox, and PlayStation! Head here to order now.

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