True To Form – Behind The Scenes of F1® Manager 2022

True To Form – Behind The Scenes of F1® Manager 2022

Immersion, realism, and authenticity are three massive focuses of F1® Manager 2022 – and this dedication to bringing players into the world of F1® stretches far beyond the racetrack.

In our final behind-the-scenes video, we give you a closer look at how motion capture technology has been used to bring F1® Manager 2022 to life. From pit crew reactions, to pit stops, to podium celebrations, we’re using cutting-edge technology to deliver the raw emotion and passion of the world’s fastest motorsport. Take a look:

Principal Mocap Specialist Tina Nischan, and Lead Animator Tim West, break down the approach and thought process for implementing motion capture into the game. Using real F1® car components in a dedicated capture studio, a team of professional performers have brought scenarios to life, which you’ll see in F1® Manager 2022. From your pit crew in the garage reacting to a big overtake, to your driver celebrating a victory on the podium, these scenes will be weaved into a race weekend, just like an F1® television broadcast.

Image of Mercedes driver celebrating in F1 Manager 2022

The Frontier Developments team also worked closely with BWT Alpine F1® Team to accurately recreate pit stop procedures, during a session at Silverstone Circuit. Pit stops are a crucial factor in a modern F1® race, with every mistake or tenth of a second lost potentially affecting a driver’s position as they rejoin the track. This has made efficient tyre changes a major focus for all teams – and thanks to Alpine’s crew collaborating with Frontier, you’ll see these complex events played out in true-to-life detail.

Image of motion capture recordings for F1 Manager 2022

Make sure to check out our playlist of all F1® Manager 2022 behind-the-scenes videos on our YouTube channel. Here, you’ll find insight from the likes of F1® drivers Alexander Albon and Zahou Guanyu, F1® Managing Director of Motorsports Ross Brawn, commentator David Croft, and Frontier President and Founder David Braben. Get a closer look at other key features like authentic audio, stunning driver scans, and how we’re delivering the opportunity for players to be the boss of an F1® team.

F1® Manager 2022 launches on August 30 on Steam, Epic Games Store, PS5, Xbox Series X, PS4, and Xbox One. Pre-order the game digitally to receive a 10% discount and five days’ early access, so you can play from August 25*!

*Early access and discount is exclusively available to those pre-ordering digitally. On PlayStation platforms, players must be a PlayStation Plus subscriber to receive the 10% pre-order discount.

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