Update 1.8 News & Under Investigation

Update 1.8 News & Under Investigation

Hey folks,

We are pleased to confirm the following will be addressed in our next update, 1.8. Note that the full change list will be shared alongside the update.

Game Update 1.8

Update 1.8 Changes

  • Research/Design slider expertise gains have been rebalanced.
  • Fixed Projected Cost Cap UI not updating correctly.
  • Updated F1 Driver photos to 2023 versions.
  • Fixed AI cars attempting a single-compound strategy in these scenarios:
    • After saving on the pre-race screen, having manually played a practice or qualifying session.
    • After a red flag occurs in a sprint race, having manually played a practice or qualifying session.
  • Improved the level of impact of rubber on track across sessions.
  • Reduced the chances of car-on-car collisions during Practice and Qualifying and slightly increased the chance of spins and running wide during Qualifying.
  • Fixed cars slowing down in Singapore Sector 3.
  • Further improvements made to drivers avoiding crashed/stationary cars on track.
  • Improvements made to traffic in Qualifying causing issues for cars on flying laps.
  • Updated Monza to be an ATA qualifying weekend [NEW SAVES ONLY].
  • Fixed progression blocker when hiring a reserve driver at end of season.

We are currently investigating the following for a future update:

Under Investigation

  • Game difficulty options.
  • ‘Racing Incidents' (non-penalty incidents).
  • Balancing the impact of ‘Avoid High Kerbs’ on tyre condition.
  • Car part improvement presentation

Note that our design and development teams are working on much more than the above for long-term improvements. If your issue has not been addressed in a previous patch or is not listed here, you can report any bugs or issues here: https://issues.frontierstore.net/reported-issues/f1-manager-23

Thank you for all your continued feedback!

The F1 Manager 23 Team

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