People Power – Behind The Scenes Of F1® Manager 2022

People Power – Behind The Scenes Of F1® Manager 2022

F1® Manager 2022 brings you closer than ever to the pinnacle of motorsport from August 25, with stunning levels of detail and authenticity. In our latest behind-the-scenes video, ‘PEOPLE POWER’, we show you how that dedication to realism is brought to life through capturing driver likenesses with cutting-edge technology.

In this new episode, check out exclusive footage of how F1® drivers are added to the game, as well as more gameplay footage of F1® Manager 2022:

‘PEOPLE POWER’ provides insight from both the Frontier Developments team and F1® drivers, filmed on location as we use over 200 camera lenses to form intricate 3D models of each current driver on the F1® grid. Those driver likenesses will be seen throughout F1® Manager 2022 – from the opening screen as you select your team, to in the garage before a race, to on the podium as you celebrate victory.

Face scan of Lewis Hamilton in F1 Manager 2022

Along with broadcast-quality race presentation, in-depth data and options for developing your car and team, and gameplay details that reflect the world of F1®, we’ve captured the likenesses of all 20 drivers on the grid to add another layer of immersion to the game. As you take on the role of Team Principal of one of the 10 F1® teams, you’ll experience realism and symmetry with the real sport at every turn, not least as you see the current F1® grid race and react to your decisions. 

Image of Zhou Guanyu behind the scenes of an F1 Manager 2022 video shoot

Art Director Matt Dickinson provides details on how the driver scans make it into the game, whilst CEO David Braben discusses the importance of authenticity in all aspects of our official F1® management title. After having images taken for their driver scans, drivers Alexander Albon and Zhou Guanyu also spoke about their excitement for F1® Manager 2022 and how it will bring players closer to their world. 

Image of F1 driver Alexander Albon behind the scenes of an F1 Manager 2022 video shoot

F1® Manager 2022 launches on August 30 on Steam, Epic Games Store, PS5, Xbox Series X, PS4, and Xbox One. Pre-order the game digitally to receive a 10% discount and five days early access, so you can play from August 25*!

*Early access and discount is exclusively available to those pre-ordering digitally. On PlayStation platforms, players must be a PlayStation Plus subscriber to receive the 10% pre-order discount.

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