F1® Manager 2022 - PlayStation 5 Trial Available Now!

F1® Manager 2022 - PlayStation 5 Trial Available Now!

Think you've got what it takes to make history as an F1® Team Principal? PlayStation Plus Premium members can now trial F1® Manager 2022 for up to 3 hours on PlayStation 5 and find out for themselves!

Take control of one of the 10 current F1® teams on the grid and put your managerial skills to the test. Keep an eye on your finances, maintain and upgrade your facilities, scout and hire best-in-class staff and of course, prepare for the all important race weekend. With practice, qualifying and the race itself, there's plenty to focus on and plenty that could go right or wrong. Whatever the result, your choices will remain as your save progress will transfer should you decide to purchase the full game after your trial.

Drive Every Decision and provide the best outcome for your team!


Steam Epic Games PlayStation 5 | PlayStation 4 Xbox Series X Xbox One


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