Create A Team. Create A Legacy.

Create A Team. Create A Legacy.

F1® Manager 2024 introduces a brand-new mode in Create A Team. For the first time in the series, players will be able to design their very own constructor from the ground up to join the official 2024 F1® grid as an eleventh team.

Today we’re going to take a deeper look at the mode, including choosing your team origin, crafting your team’s identity, and selecting your drivers and staff to take you to glory.

Building Your New Legacy

We’re delighted to be bringing Create A Team to F1® Manager for the first time, offering a variety of new ways for players to shake up the field and build their own unique stories on and off the track.

Create A Team empowers you to construct your dream custom F1® team. Whether an upstart new competitor, a team channelling the historical DNA of a former motorsport giant, or a well-funded super constructor, Create A Team gives you the tools to build the ultimate fantasy F1® team with a suite of deep customisation options.

Alongside a slew of other improvements and new features, Create A Team makes F1® Manager 2024 the most feature rich F1® game of 2024.

Choosing Your Team Origins

F1 Manager 2024 - Team Origins

All F1® teams have an origin. Whether you’re backed by a hungry newcomer with lofty ambitions or entering the grid with solely a technical breakthrough on your car, Create A Team provides a range of origins to choose from:

  • Hungry Newcomer – Funded by a maverick entrepreneur, you must break into Formula 1 and climb to the top. Even fighting for points will be a challenge at first, so be prepared for an uphill battle.
  • Technical Breakthrough – An incredible car, but with limited budget and no reputation, it’s down to you to answer the age-old question: is technical brilliance enough to snatch victory from the titans of Formula 1?
  • Phoenix Rising – A former motorsport giant has returned for a comeback with the ultimate prize of a Formula 1 victory in their sights. They have access to a well-developed HQ but are struggling to get to grips with F1’s technical regulations. It’s up to you to solve these challenges and rise from the ashes to motorsport fame once again.
  • Industry Giant – Backed by a conglomerate with deep pockets, you’ll have contacts, money, and infrastructure. The board expects you to leverage these resources, lead them to a spectacular debut in Formula 1 and a meteoric rise to the top.
  • Automotive Legacy – Spearhead the entry of a luxury automotive company into the world of Formula 1. This ambitious brand has speed in its DNA, and they want to show the world what their cars can trull do.
  • Your Story – Live the definitive Formula 1 fantasy and create your own team, then lead them to victory as their Team Principal. This custom team origin allows you to delve into the details of your background, choosing a starting budget, the strength of your car and the levels of individual facilities.

Each Team Origin can drastically shake up the challenges you’ll face as a Team Principal, dramatically changing the path of each playthrough and offering new opportunities for replayability.

Whether you choose one of the preset origins or build your own challenge, Team Origins allows you to build your very own F1® legacy.

Designing Your Custom Team

F1 Manager 2024 - Building Your Legacy

F1® Manager 2024’s Create A Team mode allows you to create and design a visual identity for your dream team, customising the name, logo, livery, uniforms and helmets with a suite of creative tools.

The logo editor gives you a wide selection of shapes, letters, numbers and more as you define your team’s identity. You can manipulate these shapes to edit their scale, colour, and rotation, creating something truly unique to you. A selection of preset logos will also be available to help you get started, but the robust editor puts the control in your hands!

After creating your logo, it’s time to flex your creative muscles and design the custom livery of your car . Choose from a selection of patterns to form the foundation of your livery, then change the colours and materials to complete the look. 

Whether you create your very own design or hark back to F1® champions of the past by taking inspiration from a legacy livery, there’s a huge range of possibilities to choose from. Do you keep it simple but sleek with a carbon fibre finish or use colour gradients to create a bold design that will stand out on the track?

Editing and creating new liveries can take place at any point, meaning you can create a one-off livery for any race throughout the season; make an impression with a dramatic livery for the season opener or create a sleek design for a night under the lights in Vegas. The ability to save your liveries means you can swap your designs in and out without having to start from scratch every time you want to debut a new look.

The customisation doesn’t stop at your car. Extend your team’s identity onto your race suit and see your design replicated across pit crew and drivers. All drivers need a helmet, which you can customise to match your team colours or choose a more distinct design to help differentiate them on the track.

Selecting Your Sponsors

All F1® teams need a strong financial backing to compete, and your new custom team is no different. Sponsors are a core component of the sport and are integral to livery design, so we’ve included a range of customisation options to give you control over how they appear. We’ll be covering other changes to the management of sponsors for all teams in more detail in an upcoming deep dive.

Once your sponsors have been selected, you can apply their logo to your car in a variety of areas. After selecting a sponsor and a location, you can edit the exact placement of the logo, as well as the colour, scale and rotation to give you greater control over how their brand is represented on your car. This control also extends to where and how your sponsors appear on your team uniforms.

We’ve created a large selection of custom sponsors for F1® Manager 2024, from finance apps and telecom brands to sports brands and fast-food chains, so we look forward to seeing how you represent these sponsors on your custom team creations!

Managing Your Custom Team

F1 Manager 2024 - Managing Your Custom Team

No F1® team would be complete without a pair of talented drivers ready to execute your commands. When creating your team, you have the choice to pick from the current roster of F1® talent, rising stars from the world of F2 and F3, or create newly generated drivers to build your own unique legacy from the ground up.

Think you can handle a driver pairing of Max Verstappen and Lewis Hamilton? Whilst your team origin may have given you the budget to pull this off, you might struggle to keep two seasoned championship winning drivers happy when both are vying for the top spot at the end of the season. Making use of the new Mentality Hub will be crucial in keeping tabs on your driver’s attitudes as the season progresses – we’ll go into more depth about how mentality works in our next feature deep dive.

F1® teams are a well-oiled machine, and you need key staff members to manage important elements of your operation. When hiring staff, it’s important to think about where you want your team to excel whilst keeping your overall budget in mind as you’ll need to cover the yearly salary of your staff! Not sure who’s the right fit? You can also choose to randomise your team’s lineup.

People are only part of the formula for success, your starting car performance is also key. You will be tasked with choosing from one of four engine manufacturers for the season to maximize results both short and long-term. Whether it be Ferrari or Mercedes powertrains, your decision, much like the real world of F1, will have impacts throughout your career.

F1 Manager 2024 - Custom Vs Official

Joining the F1® grid as a brand-new eleventh team is the ultimate challenge for a Team Principal, allowing you to take your team to glory and compete at the highest level of motorsport for multiple seasons. As the seasons roll by though, you may find yourself seeking a new challenge. If you choose to switch teams and take over the reins at one of the 10 official F1® constructors, you’ll compete against your own custom team as they enter a new era. Will they thrive in your absence? Or will the opportunity to rebuild tempt you back in the future?

F1® Manager 2024 is Coming This Summer

With Create A Team arriving into the series for the first time, there’s never been a better time to build a legacy within the world of F1. 

Join us soon for another deep dive into the new Mentality System, as we take a closer look at managing the personalities within your team.  

F1® Manager 2024 launches 23rd July 2024. Pre-order now!

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