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Pit Crew

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In the world of Formula 1®, precise pit-stops are crucial to success during a race weekend. In F1® Manager 2023, there are new ways to manage and improve your pit-crew, and with mistakes being visible in dramatic detail, and more rewards on the line, perfecting your pit-stop has never been more important.

Sporting Director

The Sporting Director is a key staff member responsible for trackside operations, bringing with them the ability to manage and improve your team’s pit-crew.

Your Sporting Director comes with their own set of performance ratings that will drive growth within your team. For example, a strong ‘Aptitude’ rating is crucial for increasing the overall potential of your mechanics, while a Sporting Director with good ‘Leadership’ abilities will inspire fewer delays from pit-stop mistakes.   

It’s up to you to instruct your Sporting Director to focus on developing themselves in the areas that you think are most important for success.

Pit-Crew Training

Through your Sporting Director, you will be able to manage your pit-crew's training schedule. Choose between preset, monthly regimes or create custom plans from the ground up. Go for a balanced approach to training or focus on specific areas like ‘Fatigue Reduction’ or ‘Pit Stop Errors’ to reduce the chances of mistakes when it comes to race day.

Pit-stop drill focuses allow you to instruct your crew to focus on various aspects of a pit-stop to increase their experience and effectiveness on race day. Whether the drill focus is on releasing the car or loosening and replacing tyres, they will increase or decrease the chances of error, depending on the balance of your training regime.
Get it wrong, and a tired pit-crew will be more prone to mistakes and slower than your rivals. Get it right and you’ll be snatching positions mid-race and scoring points towards the Fastest Pit-Stop competition in F1® Manager 2023.

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