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Race Simulation

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In the world of F1®, all the planning and hard work culminates on Race Day. Race simulation and authenticity are a core element of F1® Manager, and this year, we’ve taken another step forward in realism and broadcast-style presentation.

Driver Confidence & Tactics

The new Driver Confidence system and added Driver Tactics play an active role in how on-track action plays out. Set the car up well enough in Practice sessions and your drivers will be more confident going in to race day. Higher confidence levels will improve the chances of your drivers pulling off that crucial overtake, but if their confidence is low, it may be worth holding off on any potentially risky manoeuvres.

Your driver’s confidence levels will shift during a race. If they succeed in overtaking, you’ll see their confidence rise, whereas their confidence will drop if they fail to defend or end up in an incident. Make sure you pay attention to how your drivers are feeling to ensure you get the best out of them.

Drivers will now take different racing lines based on how you instruct them. If you’ve asked your driver to push harder, they’ll respond by being more aggressive on the kerbs, making the most of every apex. Alternatively, tell them to back off to conserve tyres and you’ll notice them taking a safer line.

Enhanced Racing AI

F1® Manager 2023’s enhanced racing AI will create a deeper challenge, with your opponents now more strategic than ever. AI teams will push their tyres and burn their fuel to get past their closest on-track rivals and may have to conserve if they push too hard. AI strategists will also adjust their pit-stop plans more fluidly based on racing conditions… Keep an eye on what other teams are doing to see if you can capitalise on any mistakes they may make.

Wheel-to-wheel battles are now more prominent than ever before, with cars having more opportunities to go side-by-side into corners, including that all important sprint to the first corner after the lights go out. Expect to see a wider variety of incidents across every circuit, with more dramatic and realistic crashes, as well as drivers being quicker to recover from an untimely spin.

With added realism, more on-track battles, and enhanced AI behaviour, race day is a bigger test of your abilities than ever before in F1® Manager 2023.

F1® Manager 2024

F1® Manager 2024

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