Exclusive Race Replay Scenarios Reveal

Exclusive Race Replay Scenarios Reveal

Hello folks!

Ahead of the Early Unlock launch of F1® Manager 23 Deluxe edition on July 27 we wanted to give you a sneak peek at the exclusive Race Replay scenarios available to you, depending on which version of the game you buy. Let’s get into it…

Pre-Order Race Moments

If you pre-order either Standard or Deluxe editions, you’ll unlock the following:

Tactical Masterclass

Smart strategy calls early in the race have accelerated Mercedes into a 1-2 position at Interlagos, but the Red Bulls are closing in fast with fresher tyres. Manage your tactics wisely to protect your lead and deliver a crucial victory for Mercedes.

Weather For Ducks

F1 Manager 2023 Weather for Ducks Race Moment

Persistent rain has led to chaos in Spa! After a series of incidents on a wet track, Sargeant finds himself in P1, with Albon in P3. As the track dries out, make the right strategy calls to maintain your strong position and secure Williams a much-needed podium.

Viva Haas Vegas

F1 Manager 2023 Viva Haas Vegas Race Moment

Haas have high hopes for Las Vegas in front of an American crowd. And, like a dream come true, a late safety car has left Hulkenberg in a fortunate position, with his fresh soft tyres giving him a pace advantage over the field. Channel Guenther’s tenacity and deliver the team's first podium.

Exclusive Deluxe Scenarios

Team Principals who purchase the Deluxe Edition will also gain access to TWELVE exclusive Race Replay scenarios, including Race Moments AND Starting Grids. Let’s take a look at those below…

Deluxe Race Moments

Tifosi Trial

Monza is a huge occasion for Ferrari as they race in front of their beloved fans. With Sainz missing this Grand Prix™, Italian reserve Giovinazzi is taking up the mantle. Starting from P5, help him build his confidence and deliver an impressive Ferrari debut by scoring a podium for the Tifosi. 

Raging Bull

F1 Manager 2023 Raging Bull Race Moment

After a successful qualifying, it has all unravelled for Red Bull in Austria. An early incident has ended Pérez’ Grand Prix™, and Verstappen’s tangle with Leclerc has left him limping back to the pits with damage. Recover Max’s race and reclaim a home victory for the team.

The Matador

After cleverly undercutting the Red Bulls, Alonso is leading the Monaco GP. However, his early pit stop has left him on older tyres than the cars rapidly closing in behind. Block your rivals and sail to victory on this historic circuit.

Deluxe Starting Grids

These exclusive Starting Grids give you the opportunity to start a race with any team with the added challenge of some unique situations such as equal performance cars or extreme weather!

Equal Performance – Monza

F1 Manger 2023 Equal Performance: Monza Starting Grid

With all cars at equal performance, race results will be down to your driver's skill and the strategy you execute. Monza is famous for its high speeds and overtaking opportunities, so it’ll require a degree of aggression and braking conviction to get the best out of this track.

Equal Performance – Silverstone

With all cars at equal performance, race results will be down to your driver's skill and the strategy you execute. At Silverstone, a track with open corners and plenty of room to race, overtaking and defending ability will be put to the test.

Reduced Tyre Allocation

With a limited set of tyres to choose from, snaking through the Dutch sand dunes will be more of a challenge than ever. Each car has just one fresh soft, one fresh medium, and one fresh hard tyre ahead of the race start. Plan your strategy to use each one to the optimum and accelerate to victory.


Scorching temperatures in Qatar pose a predicament for all teams. Do they push on knowing their tyres may overheat? Or do they carefully manage their temperatures and avoid stops, while losing out on pace? With points on the line, tyre strategy could make or break your race.

Frozen Seafront

It's a chilly day in Melbourne and all drivers are struggling to warm up their tyres. Pushing for pace could help increase temperatures but will wear tyres down quicker. On a cold track, any pit stops will be followed by slow warm up laps, so it will be a difficult balance to strike.

Low Preparation

In Canada, the drivers are heading onto the track poorly prepared. On this tricky circuit, full of narrow hairpins and chicanes, increase their confidence and make strategic commands to set their race on the right path.

Rain In Bahrain

F1 Manager 2023 Rain in Bahrain Starting Grid

Defying the odds, a sudden downpour has happened just before the start of the Bahrain GP. In the wet weather, anything can happen. A slippery track might bring risks, but there are points up for grabs for any team that can make the most of this freak event.

Equal Performance – Barcelona

With all cars at equal performance, race results will be down to your driver's skill and the strategy you execute. Barcelona is a technical circuit, with every type of corner to contend with. Overtaking may be difficult, so it’ll take accuracy, control, and timing to rise up the field.

Equal Performance – Suzuka

With all cars at equal performance, race results will be down to your driver's skill and the strategy you execute. Take command of the race at this thrilling Japanese track as your drivers navigate its high-speed corners, curves and hairpins.

If you haven’t already, there’s still time to pre-order F1® Manager 23 to ensure you unlock the three exclusive Race Moments! For those of you keen to try out an equal performance challenge or to see how you handle Rain in Bahrain, you can pre-order the Deluxe edition to get your hands on the three pre-order Race Moments as well as the twelve exclusive scenarios listed above AND up to 4 days Early Unlock.

So there you have it, plenty of exciting, varied challenges to prove you’ve got what it takes to be a Team Principal in the most intense of situations. Which Race Moment or Starting Grid are you most looking forward to trying to beat? Let us know on social media or in our Discord!

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