F1® Manager 23 | Livestream | Team Switching News

F1® Manager 23 | Livestream | Team Switching News

Hello folks!

The F1 Manager team will be back on your screens with a special livestream on July 4th covering an array of features and improvements coming to F1 Manager 23!

Join us on Tuesday at 16:00 BST as we take you through every aspect of what makes F1 Manager 23 the most authentic motor racing management experience. We’ll be speaking to our special dev. team guests in detail about:

  • Improved AI
  • Refined racing simulation
  • New management dilemmas
  • Driver development & stat regression
  • New tyre temperature management
  • Enhanced car part development systems
  • F1 Sprint events
  • Race Replay mode

...and much more! Be sure to follow F1 Manager on Twitch and turn your notifications on!

You may have also seen that on Wednesday we confirmed that team switching is officially coming to F1 Manager 23! This will be as part of a free, planned update in early September, coinciding with the Italian GP at Monza.

F1® Manager 2023 - Team Switching

With this feature, Team Principals will be offered the opportunity to take control of a competitor, based on their management performance, extending their legacy on the pit wall.

How will team switching work?

Team Principals will be offered the opportunity to change teams between seasons. Which teams are open to you taking over management duties will all depend on your performance as a Team Principal.

Players will receive a “Principal Rating”, a measure of your overall performance while in charge of your chosen team. Your Principal Rating will persist across your career as you move from team to team. Achieve or exceed the Board’s expectations and your Principal Rating will grow, opening new Team opportunities at the end of every season. Perform poorly in your current role and you may find yourself out of a job by the time the end of season Board review comes around.

F1® Manager 2023 - Team Switching

If you do end up being told to clear out your desk, your Principal Rating will take a negative hit. However, you’ll still be able to find work at a new team! Perhaps one with slightly lower expectations from their new Team Principal.

With the ability to switch teams, Team Principals will have more choice than ever when it comes to extending their legacy. Will you start lower down the grid and build a team up alongside your own reputation? Or start near the top with a team battling for the Championship, and then switch to a team lower down the standings to fight against the car and team you’ve made?

F1® Manager 2023 - Team Switching

This is a brand-new feature for the F1 Manager series and one that we know the community is highly passionate about. Keep your constructive feedback coming as we continue to build the most authentic F1 management experience!

We’ll be talking about team switching and much more so don’t forget to join us for our livestream on July 4th at 16:00 BST and stay tuned to our socials or Discord for everything F1 Manager 23.

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