F1® Manager 23 - Team Switching Added

F1® Manager 23 - Team Switching Added

Let’s take a look at the brand-new team switching feature coming to F1® Manager 23!

The ability to switch teams is based on a new attribute, the Team Principal rating. This rating determines how highly you’re respected around the paddock and is instrumental when it comes to securing job offers from other teams at the end of a season.

Your Team Principal rating will fluctuate throughout your career, moving up or down depending on how well you accomplish the objectives set by the board. The higher your rating, the more chance of securing a job at one of the top performing teams on the grid. Teams’ requirements will change based on their own performances, allowing for a more dynamic and authentic reflection of the sport than ever before.

Of course, in the challenging environment of Formula 1®, things don’t always go to plan and a poor season could result in being fired by the board. If this happens, your Team Principal rating will drop, and you’ll have a new option to rebuild your legacy with another team lower down the field.

Team Switching is in F1® Manager 23 NOW, and is compatible with your current save file, so there’s never been a better time to start building your legacy.

F1® Manager 2024

F1® Manager 2024

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