F1® Manager 23 - 10 Must-Try Things

F1® Manager 23 - 10 Must-Try Things

F1® Manager 23 is out now and packed full of new features to give the ultimate management experience for the 2023 Formula 1® season.

With expanded mechanics for both new and returning players to sink their teeth into, we’ve put together this list of our top 10 must-try things to help get you started.

01 – Relive key points from the season in Race Moments

Race Replay is a brand-new game mode in F1® Manager 23 which brings players closer to the real 2023 season than ever before. In Race Moments, prepare to be dropped into a key moment from each real race, aiming to rewrite reality and meet objectives. Can you claim Fernando’s 33rd F1® victory by reacting to the rain at Monaco? Or capitalise on a strong start by Carlos Sainz to claim a podium in Spain? Race Moments are your opportunity to jump into the hot seat and find out.

02 – Design a new car part which puts your team in pole position

F1® never stands still – your competitors won’t, and neither should you. Use your testing time wisely as you aim to develop upgrades which will get your drivers the edge over their rivals. Components have a new durability focus, meaning Team Principals will have to consider the balance between performance and longevity, whilst you can look ahead to see which individual circuits will match your strengths or highlight your weaknesses.

F1® Manager 2023 - Gameplay screenshot - 07

03 – Train up your pit crew and aim for the DHL Fastest Pitstop award

New to F1® Manager 23 is the addition of the Sporting Director role, and the influence they give you over the pit stop performance of the team. Whether your focus is on reducing the overall time your drivers are in the pit box, or mitigating costly errors, the fastest and most consistent team across the season will scoop the DHL Fastest Pitstop award, which also brings with it a considerable financial bonus!

04 – Witness a battle on track in visor cam

Every race in F1® Manager 23 brings the action to life with a stunning broadcast-style visual experience. Cycle through multiple on-board and trackside cameras focusing on any driver, and never miss a moment with seamlessly integrated replays which show incidents which could shake up the race order, complete with team radio for the driver involved! For further TV realism, check out the new Visor Cam as your drivers attempt bold overtaking manoeuvres, or as they push the car to its limits in the pursuit of pole position!

05 – Put your race management skills to the test

F1® Manager 23 gives Team Principals greater control over their drivers during a race, with a multitude of new considerations increasing the challenge on race day. As the lights go out, apply new driver tactics to gain the edge in thrilling corner-to-corner battles, keep tyre temperatures in optimal range to mitigate against excessive wear or mistakes, and utilise the new ERS top up and battle assist options to ensure their batteries remain ready to deploy at the opportune moment.

Central to every change is a new driver confidence system, providing feedback on how your driver is feeling on track, moment to moment. Use your driver tactics to respond – take advantage of high confidence to push for a bold overtaking move and play it safer during moments of low confidence to protect against unforced errors. But don’t expect to have it all your way, your rivals will push you every step of the way, with an improved AI system calculating every pit stop and tactical call as they seek their own glory.

F1 Manager 2023 Eau Rogue (with user interface)

06 – Claim the first ever win at the Las Vegas Strip Circuit, and take victory in F1®’s returning desert duel

All 23 circuits on the 2023 calendar are brought to life, including 2023’s debutants: the shifting sands of the Lusail International Circuit and the glitz and glamour of F1®’s return to the neon lights of Sin City at the Las Vegas Strip Circuit. Both circuits will offer new challenges to Team Principals, with very little prior data to rely on. Establishing a good car set up and high driver confidence across the weekend will be critical to claim victory here.

07 – Improve on a real race result using Starting Grid

Starting Grid is another type of scenario within Race Replay mode. Authentically recreating the conditions at the start of the Grand Prix™, from weather to tyre availability, Starting Grid allows you to manage any team to tackle a unique race story. Can you improve on the real Team Principal’s race result and beat the boss?

08 – Chart a course from backmarkers to championship contenders

Considered to be one of the ultimate F1® Manager challenges, can you take the hot seat at a team lower down the order and lift them to battle for a spot on the podium? Careful management of your team’s cost cap will be required, with reduced testing time for new car parts as you progress up the standings. And with the ability to switch teams now available, you could see yourself facing down the championship-winning team you built!

F1 Manager 2023 podium celebration

09 – Achieve a surprise result in a Sprint Race

With no enforced pit stops, Sprint Races are all about managing driver tactics and pace to extract the best possible result. With only a handful of laps, races are tight and frantic – where every overtaking opportunity counts. Carefully managing driver confidence is key as you plot a path to points, but with 18 other rivals on track each aiming to achieve the same thing, expect to see your race management skills tested!

10 – Scout the next top talent from F2™ or F3™

In F1® Manager 23, F2™ and F3™ talent provides a pipeline of competitors to challenge established drivers, whose abilities will fade over time if they’re failing to meet expected targets. Assign your current drivers a development focus to help shape their growth, or perhaps turn your eyes to the next generation. Get ahead of your rivals by scouting talent from these fully simulated Championships and offer contracts to key targets for the following season to build your future line-up before the winter break or splash the cash immediately and bring together F1®’s biggest names.

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